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Part # MT-10

Muscle MT-10 Metal Treatment

Smoothes, seals, and protects the metal surface of
 bearings, pistons, cam, crankshaft, lifters, gears, and 
all other internal moving metal parts

Protects against friction related heat and wear

Reduces operating temperatures

Extends life of lubricated metal parts

Automotive uses include:   Engine (nothing protects better 
at startup), transmission, differential, and power
steering unit

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Part #FLUSH-10

Muscle Power Steering & Rack Assembly Flush

Reconditions rack piston & cylinders

Removes contaminants, sludge, metal debris & varnish

Smooth and easy operation returns when used with 
MT-10 Metal Treatment

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Part #FT-10

Muscle FT-10 Fuel Treatment

Use for follow up and continuous maintenance of the 
fuel system

Disperses water in fuel

Reduces harmful emissions

Cleans entire fuel system

Assists in neutralizing combustion acids

Improves mileage

Increases atomization in carburization and fuel injection

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Part # SL-10

Muscle SL-10 Oil Can Lubricant

Heavy duty, industrial spray lubricant & penetrating oil

Provides long lasting protection against rust & 

Offers quick, positive lubricating action

Creeps into remote, inaccessible areas

Penetrates to loosen seized & corroded metal 

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Part #AFR-10

Muscle Antifreeze Restoration

 Restores the protective qualities of your antifreeze

Keeps cooling systems operating efficiently

Saves time and money

  Prevents galvanic corrosion

Reduces downtime & maintenance

Nontoxic & environmentally friendly

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Part # PL-10

Muscle Power-Lift Grease

Lithium complex grease for fishing reel & firearm care

 Repels water and moisture

 Inhibits rust & corrosion (including salt water corrosion)

 Does not soften up to 530 F

Reduces gear wear in fishing reels and increase the 
lifetime of reels

Buffers shock & recoil on actions in firearms

Will not seize in shotgun choke tubes

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Part #IC-10

Muscle BlueIce IC-10

Use for the initial treatment of fuel system

Works in gasoline and diesel fuel systems including

 Cleans and protects injectors, carburetors, valves,
and upper cylinders

  Lubricates valves and upper cylinders

 Protects against scoring, wear, & carbon buildup

Completely disperses water

Increases engine performance & mileage

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Part #MO-10

Muscle MoistOut

Demoisturant, light lubricant, penetrant & rust inhibitor
all in one

Provides quick, thorough moisture displacement

 Does not contain carbon tetrachloride

 Will not harm insulation

Recommended uses include wet/damp ignitions, electrical circuits, motors, controls, starters, electronic equipment, distributors & plug wires

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Part #FP-10

Muscle Firepower Lubricant Elite

 Firearms cleaner, lubricant, and protectant

Can be used in all types of firearms

 Improves lubrication by reducing friction & wear

Cleans firearm & removes leading

Removes burnt powder & dirt

Shields against corrosion

Stops & inhibits rust

  Penetrates remote areas

Repels water & moisture

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