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Tuneupkit-r134a-hose.jpg (37584 bytes)

R134 Tune up Kit

  HC-12a TUNE UP KIT       

Includes 3  6oz Cans & r134 Charging Hoses


TuneupKit-r12hose.jpg (27836 bytes)

R12 Tune Up Kit


Includes 3  6oz Cans & r12 Charging Hoses


cantap.jpg (4248 bytes)


  CAN TAP    



gauges-r12.jpg (28837 bytes)

Part #ATD-3670

R12 Brass Gauge Set

 EPA safe, heavy 2-1/2” duty vibration free gauges

3 72" charging hoses

R12 couplers


Gauges-R134.jpg (29550 bytes)

Part # ATD-3671

R134 Brass gauge set

EPA safe, heavy duty vibration free gauges

 3 charging hoses;  yellow is 60”, blue & red are 36”

Low and High Side R134a couplers


FinComb.jpg (23984 bytes)

Part # Fin Comb

FIn Comb

6 in 1 Condenser and evaporator fin straightener


SuperSeal.jpg (39878 bytes)

Part # CLP-946KIT

Super Seal Premium  

 New and improved A/C leak sealant, 
now with limited warranty and Click-Locks
 for greater protection and security.


P3190060.JPG (98031 bytes)

Part #2745

Valve Core Tool Standard

 Removes and installs standard valve cores


P3190061.JPG (64023 bytes)

Part #2910

Universal Compressor Clutch Holding Tool

 Holds compressor clutch hub during
removal and installation


P3190067.JPG (56141 bytes)

Part #6035

R134a U-Charge Hose

Reusable brass dispensing valve with hose and

 R134a quick coupler


P3190074.JPG (68057 bytes)

Part #6015

R134a Refrigerant Tank Adapter

 ½” ACME female x Ό” male flare

Connects R12 hose to R134a  fitting


P3190087.JPG (34856 bytes)

Part #DC0096

Brass Conversion Fitting – High Side

Capped for high side

Fits most vehicles

Converts high side R12 port to R134a quick 
release fitting


P3190088.JPG (28738 bytes)

Part #DC0095

Brass Conversion Fitting – Low Side

Capped with schrader for low side – all vehicles

Converts low side R12 port to R134a 
quick release fitting


P3190089.JPG (49755 bytes)

Part #DC0098

Brass Conversion Fittings

Converts high side and low side R12 ports to R-134a 
quick release fitting (most vehicles)

Package contains 1 DC0095 and 1 DC0096


P3190075.JPG (69852 bytes)

Part #6070

Charging Hose Seal & Depressor Assortment

 8 part numbers

 50 pieces

Repair parts for most major brands of 
charging hoses


P3190076.JPG (67781 bytes)

Part #2790

1 Ύ” Dial Thermometer

Easy to read 13/4” face

0° to 220° F

Includes pocket holder with clip


P3190077.JPG (78483 bytes)

Part #4278

O’Ring Assortment

18 popular sizes for all models

180 pieces

Green HNBR



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